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Thursday, October 30, 2008

♪My day♪

Hello everyone, sorry for not updated quite some time, because this few days mama is sick and she cough the whole night, and make me can't sleep... -,- So need to get some sleep in the afternoon... Now i muz be guai guai, not to let her shout at me.... hee hee...

Alright, there is something i want to share with you all... See below pic??? there are 2 nylon strings stick to my tail flesh... And of cuz mama is the one who found out first... So last night abt 7 plus mama called vivo pet safari... and guessed what they told my mama... Dun get shock...






Alright the staff told mama that, actually toy poodle have long tail, and the breeder will CHOP the tail shorter before we sales... and abt the nylon string maybe due to the operation, so you got bring her to the vet and see whether need to remove or not....

Anyways, mama n papa are super angry with the pet safari staff, they did not told them before hand... and now mama got to spend money on me to see Dr Fong... Anyways, mama is not angry that she need to spend money on me... she is sad that why they need to chop shorter our tail... long or short izzit the same??? den mama keep on question herself can see the nylon string izzit the operation unsuccessful??? Guys wad do you think???

Right now i dun dare to let mama or papa touch my tail i dun noe y... when they want to check i will sit down...

Bell bell-icious ❤

2:00 PM

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

♪My day♪

i kissing my mummy to show her how much i love her...

I am super active during nite time, i always exercise at night, i dun noe why maybe because cooler... Below is my proof of me doing exercise.... hiak hiak...

After my exercise, i am tired and below is how i look after that...

Mummy please give me some water...


Bell bell-icious ❤

4:40 PM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

♪My day♪

Bell-ious loved....

Let me show u my jie jie n kor kor pic... Jie breed is a silky terrier and kor is maltese cum bichon... Actually the pet shop told my da yi he is maltese but when he grow he look more like bichon... hee hee... he is a loving boi, will upload more nxt time rd... hee hee... Enjoy!!!!

My Jie her name is DIOR yes christian DIOR de DIOR

My Kor CESC hmm, his name actually come from a footballer in ARSENAL team... FRANCESCO

My jie is v pretty n my kor is v handsome n cute right... hee hee... a lot of ppl said i look like kor... wad do u think...

Bell bell-icious ❤

2:03 PM

Monday, October 20, 2008

♪My day♪

Been bullied by san yi when mummy n daddy not ard :(

Flash light made me look so *gong* i hate flash light ok~

Alright, this going to be a long long post.. hee hee... Mummy is so ecstatic now cuz i got into dog with blog website... lols... see below for the print screen page can you spot me???

Me At 992... lols (click to enlarge it)

Anyways Friday i did not visited the vet as because, Dr Fong is on MC, and mummy was so pissed off on that day cuz she took leave and end up we both slacked at home... She even bring bk her laptop plan to work at night... Wasted her leave... but luckily she did not blame me or anyone :)

I visited the vet on Sat, can u imaging i waited for 2 hrs, and i make a new friend his name is *poo poo* and he is male toy poodle, the owner actually knew my er yi last time they are classmate... so co-incidence right... Mummy said this boy is cute but he love to ride on me and his parent keep pulled him aways, after that i fall asleep on my mummy lap.... I got an x-ray and confirm that my kennel cough already recovered but i got ASTHMA... sad~ Dr Fong said hopefully when i grow up it will go off itself... pray hard to god... mummy n daddy were so sad when they heard the news...

On sunday, my jie jie, went to visit Dr Fong, cuz the whole nite she having LS and vomitted, my poor jie jie, she stayed there from 9am to 3pm cuz Dr Fong want to observe her... But luckily she is fine, so she can go home... Bad mummy only bring kor kor to visit jie jie nv bring me along...

Night time, jie jie started to LS again, actually er yi dun plan go gave her any medicine but den she started again so no choice... anyways, next week going for my 3rd injection after that i can go out n walk walk...

Oops, last night kana caught by mummy and da yi, kor kor n me kissing... *laugh* he is my kor kor i love him ok and i guess he already accepted me step by step...

Hope after my 3rd injection i dun see Dr Fong so habitual liaoz... wish me all the BEST...

Bell bell-icious ❤

2:53 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

♪My day♪

Alright my PLUTO n me in my new pinkish bed... daddy always enunciate as *POODLE* instead of *PLUTO* now he influence mummy too... lols!!!

Halo everyone, sorry so long nv updated... Haiz, i still not yet recover so no mood to update... Alright, guess wad mummy bought for me for my 3 mths old??? She bought me 6 sun moon A-P-P-L-E-S and i got to share with my kor kor n jie jie, mummy said apples got vitamin that y she bought for me... -,-"'

Jie Jie, dun like apple so only kor kor n me *sub* all... lols... Below are some overdue pic... And i promise to load my *first bathe* picture right... See below for it... hee hee...


Apples on the ways...

My Bathing time picture.....

My CJ7 hair style... lols... i am CJ Bell Bell hee hee...

Hey Mummy can you stop taking pic of me... Help me instead...

Bell bell-icious ❤

11:22 AM

Thursday, October 9, 2008

♪My day♪

i thinking of new ways to let kor kor cesc like me...

Still thinking~~~

aiya, can't think of any dun care liaoz, i want to sleep first... tml den continues...

Finally i am 3mths old today... Yes TODAY... lols... Anyways ytd i went to visit vet again :(... This time mummy bring me to *Mount Pleasant*(north)... because it been 10days n my sicken still bugging me...

First time i saw Dr Pauline Fong, my mummy told me that last time jie jie n kor kor, also visited her as she know them v well... So ytd mummy intro me to her... and and and she said i am so different from them as i am very messy, n both of them v neat when they came n visited her... -,-"' of cuz mummy told her i cannot bathe cuz i got injection that why... hiak hiak... and jie jie n kor kor always visit her after grooming ma... lols... Anyways i going to review 8 days later, and mummy told me that she going to bring me to grooming first before visiting her... hiak hiak hiak...

When we reached bus stop n it is raining heavily, so mummy on call cab home... nice weather i slept thru out the journey... And when we reached mummy gave sanyi $12 asked her t bathe for me... lols... cuz my mummy can't stand ppl said i smelly... hee hee...

Once, mummy upload my *first bathe picture* into the lappy and i will post for u all to view... Sanyi give me a new nickname *长脚妹妹* lols... same as my jie jie ma... *laugh*

Anyway, now i so eager dun noe ltr mummy will buy anything back for me or not... hee hee... Alright once again, i wish myself:

Happy 3mths old BELL!!!

Bell bell-icious ❤

5:49 PM

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

♪My day♪

*yawn* my sleepy look on one of the city information

Haiz, now i passed my sicken to Jie jie Dior... So sad... She vomitted blood ytd, that is terrible right... I guessed because we share our drink together... As when i in my er yi room and i love to drink jie jie water... hiak hiak... but my kor kor is very smart he won't drink it after i do... Now kor kor must be careful liaoz if not 3 of us kana den really very jia lat...

The above pic, it edit by mummy when she got *nth to do* at work... laugh... oops, this is wad she told Eryi... hee hee...

Alright 2 more days to go den i will be 3mths le, dun noe wad will mummy n daddy get for me... Hmmm, *FOOD* i dun think so cuz last nite i over heard mummy told daddy no treat for me until i turn into 1... wa that is 123456789mths down the road... right now i only can envy jie jie n kor kor... -_-

Bell bell-icious ❤

3:47 PM

Monday, October 6, 2008

♪My day♪

Jie jie Dior tell me secret??? nope actually i am biting her... lols

Good monring, everyone finally oct liaoz few more days den i going to be 3mths... hee hee... Been home abt 1 wk plus, but i still can't get along well with kor kor cesc... He juz dun like me, even i beside him he will "grrr" at me... But i love to disturb/challenge him... hee hee...

Alright today will be the first day i alone at home... So bored, nothing to do only can play, eat n sleep... hope mummy n daddy come home early and accompany me... this few days i keep on pee n poo in my Er yi room and mummy keep whacking me... Aiyo *ren you san ji* ma... So when she whacked me i going to show her my innocent face... like wad i do to daddy... Hee hee...

Anyways i got nothing much to blog, i going to take my morning nap now... juz hope i getting better so i can go grooming on this coming sat... wee wee wee...

Bell bell-icious ❤

10:25 AM