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Friday, December 26, 2008

♪My day♪

Ytd nite i did posted my previous blog but today when i login it save as draft... -,-"' hmmm dun noe wad when wrong... anyways do anyone know who is the little pretty gal beside me???

She is my mama's niece mean she is my cousin... she is my sanyi's daugther so mean she is Nikey kor kor little sister, *complicated* but they only meet once... and her pretty name is *HAZEL ENXI* she is the precious apple in the family my grandparents n all the aunties dote her alot, she is the eldest grand childrens :) and she love us alot too but she scare of jie jie, cuz jie jie bite and attack her before when she disturb my jie jie... As for kor kor n me we scare of her cuz she love to chase us and carry us ard...

Took some picture with her when she came in to my tiny room.. :)

i smell MILK inside her mouth

Kiss her and tried to lick some milk

Chey, nth inside sad look :(

Who is cuter??? I think i am right lols...

Pose same pattern as me

last picture we took...

Anyways, my mama will like to share this news article with all my paw friends, parents or anyone who owning a pet or thinking of keeping one.. this article is somehow 4 days over dated... Please use below link to access to the article


I guessed my next post i will post some of my family background if not really complicated who is who and who daughter and son :)


Bell bell-icious ❤

11:38 AM

Thursday, December 25, 2008

♪My day♪


How did you spent your day??? papa n mama stayed at home and acc me thru out... This yr is my first christmas so i know papa n mama won't leave me alone at home... :) I got a reindeer before christmas given by mama hee hee...

Actually this reindeer was a free gift which mama bought her hp few yrs ago... Mama love this toy alot... And she kept for 3 or 4 yrs but lastly mama gave it to me... See how my mama dote n love me... hee hee...

My reindeer

Lying down on my new toy

Smell nice... lols...

The flash making me sleepy...

*hate flash* so better pretend to sleep...

and end up fall asleep

Good nite everyone... Have a pleasant silent night... hee hee...


Bell bell-icious ❤

10:57 PM

Friday, December 19, 2008

♪My day♪

Halo friends, do you all plan how to celebrate your paw mas??? I think I will be staying at home to celebrate my first paw mas with my jie jie n kor kor... Alright few weeks ago i rec'd my first paw mas card from my dear frenz*BAE* tks for your pinky card i love it... :)

My first and only card :D


Alright below are some overdue picture... Do Enjoy

L M S lols... 3 of us are looking at the bowl outside the gate... hee hee...FOOD

Now proudly present to all my paw friends Bell in dress...

here come the sexy gal









Boo... hahahas

Stay tune for MORE!!!!

Bell bell-icious ❤

11:15 PM

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

♪My day♪

Halo how are all my paw friends getting on??? me still the same eat, sleep, play and destroy those thing i don't like... *laugh* Alright upload some of my overdue picture...

Mama said almost every picture i am biting my bone bone... hahaha... and er yi said i *tan jia* lols... anyways mama bought me a new treat *salmon snack* But papa dun believe the word *salmon* but to me it ok as long as is eligible...



Last time i only have milk or carrot stick... Now got one more new treat... Mama said will add more when i grow older... Quick i want more n more...

Mama dress me up like an angel... Biting bone angel

Yes mama you call me???

Front view this picture i look like one of the *THE DOG* character... hee hee

Back view of me... Nice with wings...

Bell bell-icious ❤

3:42 PM

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

♪My day♪

my mama game character... this funny character called Bell bell too -,-"'

Halo everyone i'm back... lols, actually i nv go anywhere... all because mama keep on playing game that why i got no time to use the lappy... looked at the pic on the top... anyone know what game my mama is playing... hee hee...

Hmmm, do anyone know how come my dogster acc i share with another unfamiliar face... That is my sanyi eldest son *Nikey* actually i nv saw him before cuz jie jie n him are enemy so he is not staying with us... But dun really know what happen between them but that was long long time ago stuff... So all along mama help him to maintain his acc n lazy mama wan 1 stone kill 2 birds that why use the same email address... lols... Anyone got a dogster acc pls remember to add me n Nikey kor kor, oh ya my Dior jie jie n Cesc kor kor also have do add them too they share their acc too... Dun worry 4 of us are nice... hee hee...

Alright, now Jie jie blog also got into *DWB* happy for her... anyways christmas is coming anyone interested to exchange christmas card or gift with me??? hmmm.... do tag on me k... Anyways this is my first christmas i am so ecstatic....


Bell bell-icious ❤

4:42 PM