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Friday, November 21, 2008

♪My day♪

Dun worry i'm ard i won't let jie jie DIOR torned u apart... Pat u to sleep :)

TGIF... look at the pic above do u think i can be a good Jie jie??? But i am the youngest in the family... lols...

Jie like my lobster toy, so mama give it to her and within 10 mins jie already bite off her whisker and half of 1 eye going to torn out... Sad~ my very first toy... But then end up er yi return back to me... Xie xie er yi u r the best... hee hee...

Nowadays, i dun have any new pic to upload as because when mama wan to take pic, i always closed my eyes pretend to sleep... *laugh* But i got lot of overdue pic... i will post all when mama is free to upload all into her lappy...

Nth else to blog so I wish all my paws friends have a great weekend ahead... Oh ya i love weekend, every weekend the 3 of us (Jie jie, Kor kor n me) will be going to grooming and we will be v neat, tidy n 香香... papa n mama love to smell me when i'm back...


Bell bell-icious ❤

11:37 AM

Friday, November 14, 2008

♪My day♪

Today mama told me a bad new... really bad wan... one of my friend Girl girl is gone... sob sob sob... She went to join her brother Angel Fufu at the Rainbow Bridge... Girl girl we will miss you...

Farewell Girl girl...

Bell bell-icious ❤

5:08 PM

Thursday, November 13, 2008

♪My day♪

Looking at my favourite toy... (by right i'm looking at mummy but the flash to bright that y i looking down lols)

Wee, i'm back... Sorry no update for quite a number of days... Cuz mama company organize a big event *FAPA* and mama was so busy here n there so nobody help me to maintain my blog... Alright does anyone know wad does FAPA mean??? In full are Federation of Asian Pharmacetical Association Congress... Anyways, it abt pharmacist... Seriously i dun understand... Laugh~

On the 10th was papa big day, but unfortunately, mama can't help papa to celebrate as because due to her work... But mama buy a psp for papa, i also got share ok i paid $50 from my saving.... hee hee... right now smart mama is using the new wan n poor papa using the old wan... Mama i tot the new wan is for papa??? why are you holding it... hahaha... Actually because papa prefer the old wan...

Alright, now Jie jie keep on having LS n vomit... Vet told er yi if she continue they going to do an operation on her stomach n see wad wrong... Oh my gosh... i hope nth happen to her... Jie jie please get well soon~~~~


Bell bell-icious ❤

10:44 AM

Monday, November 3, 2008

♪My day♪

Thx friend for concerning abt the breeder CHOP off my tail stuff... Appreciate... I love you guys... :)

Btw, I went for FULL grooming... I cut short my fur due to hot weather, i feel so weird... Feel cold when i fall asleep on the floor, now got to squeeze bed with my mama.... Below are some new picture of mine... Enjoy...



Look better??? no more "bao zha" fur

Hmmm, Mama dun think of snatching my bone bone~

Chew until tired...

Better hug my bone bone to sleep.... or else...

But seriously my mama love my "bao zha" fur-style... ^^

Anyways, i did not visit the vet, as because papa told mama tat wait n see will the strings gone off itself... As because human after operation the strings will normally gone itself... so now i waiting till end mth... Hope it will gone off itself... Pary to the god...

Bell bell-icious ❤

10:39 PM

Sunday, November 2, 2008

♪My day♪

Halo everyone today is my Jie jie DIOR big day... she is 3 yrs old le... Let wish her HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY..... Below are 2 picture of her... cute right... lols...

Jie jie in her stylo milo sunglass...

when Jie jie juz woke up from her dreamland...

Back to the series, dearest friend how did you celebrated your Halloween nite??? fun??? me stayed at home with mama and we slept thru out the whole day... boring rite... Arghhh.... Anyways it getting late going to Zzz liaoz...

Once again, Mama n Me wish



Bell bell-icious ❤

10:21 PM