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Sunday, September 6, 2009

♪My day♪

Hello promise to load Ah yi n Cesc kor kor birthday pics right... Hee hee... Enjoy those pics below... (:

Ah yi cake!!! without candles cuz women age is a secret...

Cesc kor kor cake

Dior: Can give me try first???

Cesc: Finally I turn 3 yrs old (:

Cesc: ask me how ar?? Ok lor ^_^

Bell: Oh mama caught me in action

Bell: Erm I testing the cake

Cesc: Sisters this is mine cake @@

Cesc: Finally is mine turn...

Bell: Delicious blueberry cake I love it

Cesc: see how big my bowl is!!!

I guess it taste more delicious if i ate in on the floor...

My tam jiak look...

That all hope you enjoy... Last but not least mama did not managed to take pics of Jie Jie cuz ah yi is using her hp to taking pics of her pretty daughter (Jie jie)... (:

Bae: I dun think Jojo will bite you i will protect you :D Serious your hooman is playing RC too??? In FB right??? Can my mama add her???

Teddy: TQ i will link you asap (:

Milky: I am fine... TQ for your tag friend...

Vodka: Yup will try to update more often hee hee...

Reybu: Yup but more recently pics i look more slim(oops) because last week mama bring me to trim my fur...:D

Thor: TQ!!! I miss n love you too friend... :D

Bell bell-icious ❤

10:33 PM

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

♪My day♪

Dear friends sorry last month i only managed to post 1 entry all thanks to mama... Cuz she is so busy playing her RC!!!

Alright, today is ah yi n cesc kor kor actual birthday we have a small celebration for him, as for Ah yi already celebrated her last nite (: but will upload the photo next round...

As now i going to show you my new friend, her name call JO JO own by godma kelly.... Anyway, i dun really like her cuz she keep on bitting me like wad i did went i came bk home... oops...

Enjoy those pics which taken when mama bring me over to godma hse... (:

Papa acting gentle???

Look evidence she bitting me!!!! help*

Papa wad are you doing??? Act cute???

Jojo is a very friendly puppy she kiss almost everyone... but she only bite me :(

This is Jojo another toy poodle (:

Mama n Jojo

Jojo 1 eye open 1 eye close just like me hee hee...

Hello Jie jie Bell's friends I am J for JOJO hee hee

Help me take a nice pic!!!

Jojo back!!!

The Four of us!!!

Look the different of our SIZE!!! (Erm, i just too furry)

Hey Jojo where are you looking at???

Once again I want to WISH Ah yi n Cesc Kor kor a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY (:

Bell bell-icious ❤

10:30 PM