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Thursday, January 29, 2009

♪My day♪


Did you guys had any wonderful reunion dinner??? My 1st reunion dinner was something v special cuz papa and mama do it together e.g: "cut the carrot, minced meat and potatoes and steamed it" below are some of the pic mama took... :)

Before cook

After cook

i inspecting *smell smell smell*

First day of CNY, early in the morning da yi gave us *ang bao* i dun noe wad is that so i keep on run away n jie jie keep on snatching, later part mama explain to me den i realized inside got money can buy treat hee hee... silly me... hahas... Anyway TQ :) And in the afternoon i went to papa's hse... Everyone in papa's hse like me and want to play with me... But at first i am so scared, after awhile i am ok already :)

Red chong san that i wear to papa's hse... But not with that big clip :) again sanyi clip for me!!!

Some overdue pic below

Do Enjoy!!!

mama: want treat ar den u shake hand with me first lor ^.^

resting my head on mama's hand... Bell: Always need to do trick den can have treat...

I saw papa taking out my milky stick *saliva drooling*

My first n only CNY card from my dearest friend BAE :)

Do you spot Bae in this picture???

taking afternoon nap soon...

That all for today... SMILE

Bell bell-icious ❤

3:23 PM

Saturday, January 24, 2009

♪My day♪

Halo everyone i'm back... Bell-icious is back.... wahahas... Oh i get 2nd for the chinese new yr consent tks to those who vote for me... and congratulation to the 1st winner, nice picture you guy have... :)

Now, my wound it getting better but a bit swollen so still on medicine... tks those who wishes me because of all the wishes that y i getting well well well... lols...

Actually, i got 6 more teefies to pluck off but i dun think mama want me to pluck out all... Cuz it cost $15 ++ for 1 and the rest whether i pluck out or not it not really a problem, i still can eat, bite bite jie jie n kor kor... *evil laugh*

Alright, almost done for the family bkground pic, now only left with the family pic waiting for auntie wennie to send it to mama... Sorry paws friends i guess maybe after CNY den i will be able to blog.... anyway got to Zzz soon good nite my paws friends... sweet dream :)

Bell bell-icious ❤

1:28 AM

Friday, January 9, 2009

♪My day♪

Dear all, Bell's mama here... Sorry for not updating our family bkground yet cause i still finding picture...

Today, early in the morning my precious went for her operation and plucked out 4 teeths... right now she look so restless and scare to sit and lying down :(... Haiz... Hope she get well soon...

Below are some picture which she took on 1st January 2009...

Wearing red chong san

Messy hair and sad look cause waking her up while she is sleeping

Can i go bk to my beautiful sleep???

Eyes closing soon...

Baby, Happy 6th months old...
Mama & papa love you

Bell bell-icious ❤

9:02 PM

Thursday, January 1, 2009

♪My day♪


Halo my dear paw friends wad do you think abt my new blogskin??? feel free to comment... :)

Alright let me think what is my new year resolutions... Hmmm...







I Wish all my family members, paw friends and family stay healthy

Learn to be smart so get lesses smack from mama... hiak hiak...

Learn more tricks...

Make more friends...

and get more toys and treats...

Alright i think that all... 8 more days to go and i going for operation sad~ wish me all the best k all my paw friends :)

Bell bell-icious ❤

10:33 PM